Ms. Miriam Febechukwu is from Nigeria. She used to be a surgeon but quit her job at the Military hospital in 2017 due to workplace discrimination. Inspired by the prospering e-commerce business, she opened her own online store in 2017. Later, she was introduced by her sister-in-law to MyyShop, which provided her with much easier access to cross-border e-commerce. The SaaS platform not only opened a door for her to a wide variety of popular high-quality items from China but also spared her efforts and costs to stock up, deliver, and handle after-sale service. As a dropshipper herself, she can now focus more on marketing – on which MyyShop can help, too.

Ms. Miriam Febechukwu

Ms. Charanya Suwannarat is from Thailand. She gave up her job as a yoga coach after maternity leave in early 2020, since the COVID-19 pandemic ruined her plan to go back to work. She found her way out by learning video editing, then uploaded her yoga lessons to Instagram and Facebook. Many online courses went viral, surprisingly leading to surging enquiries about where to buy nice yoga clothes. In this way, she decided to open a Shopify store to purchase goods in advance, delivering them to her house, and later sending them out to her customers.

Operating an online store just by one person can be challenging. She soon got stressed out when the business expanded beyond her capacity. Fortunately, she found MyyShop, which offers many product recommendations and choices for her, and allows her to post the preferred selection on her store with a few simple clicks, while the SaaS system handled all the logistics and after-sales service of products.

Ms. Charanya Suwannarat

Ms. Bilkisu Muhammad is from Nigeria. She started using DHgate and then MyyShop in 2021. She shared that the two platforms are ideal for her as she can buy and ship her goods in good quality and on time. Her customers also enjoyed the purchase journey. She has also introduced DHgate and MyyShop to people who have the exact needs to raise customer satisfaction with their online stores.

Ms. Bilkisu Muhammad

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