Product selection – Key to Success of Dropshipping in 2021

How to Find Winning Products? This is the question of every entrepreneur considering jumping into the e-commerce business.

Who could have predicted the dropshipping success of hot selling products such as the fidget spinner or the Pop Its? Finding products people will like requires to be there early and when the world has yet to be convinced.

Because of the nature of the Dropshipping business, we know that the lifespan of a product is short. It might take just a few months before your local Walmart purchases billions of the hot new novelty product and swamp the market with them at a dirt-cheap price.

The face of the market changes every day depending on new inventions, seasonality, and cultural phenomenons. This uncertainty creates anxiety in every Dropshipper, even professionals, that fear losing touch and miss the next train to big sales.

While there’s no safe way to guarantee the success of products, some strategies can be applied to give us some hints. Let’s have a look at them.

1. You

Before we move any forward, it is important to remind you that you’re the captain of your dropshipping ship! Do not blindly follow the advice of others. To make any search efficient. You need to train your eye and ask yourself some important questions.

Such as: Is this product unique? Is the market saturated with this product? Is the visual of the product good enough to market it? Is the perceived value of the product high enough to accommodate my commission? What are my risks of returns? Can I visualize the target client of this product? Is my imagination telling me the story I will use to advertise and create a brand around it?

So many people will tell you what to do but the fact is that nothing beats like your own product, understanding it, knowing its strengths and weaknesses. Just copying what others are doing and expect the sales won’t cut it. Time and time again, we come across beginners wondering why the two-year-old novelty product that got advertised to death isn’t selling. Good Dropshippers think. Believe in your intuition, be critical. Success isn’t just a random chance, and it’s a reflection of your personal talent. Always keep this in mind when hunting for winning products.

2. Google Trends

If you’ve investigated the subject of organic traffic, you might have heard of SEO. The concept of Search engine optimization is all about shaping your store to match the criteria Google uses to prioritize websites. The world’s most popular search engine is quite transparent about it and not only those it monetizes the behaviour of its users, but it also offers plenty of free tools that can help you understand what people are searching for.

One of those tools is Google Trends.

With Google Trends, you can check on the popularity of keywords. See the products associated with those searches if the number of people curious about them increases or decreases. You can refine this analysis to specific countries and even regions within this country. While this method won’t give you a specific product, it can comfort you in your decision or give you a general direction. For example, if you’re thinking of opening a fitness niche, you can check on the current situation of the trend. Is it growing or going down? When I write this article, people searching for fitness in the US are often searching for “best fitness tracker 2021”. This means that fitness watches might be a good place to start digging.

Before you know the prey, you need to pick the place you’re going to hunt. Google Trends will help you do just that but with dropshipping products.

3. Marketplace Best Sellers

Transparency is not the exclusivity of Google. If something sells well, why not let the people know and realize that they might want to buy it themselves?

Such is the case with Amazon Best Sellers. Others might not be that upfront, but it is still possible to know. For example, when searching a product or looking at a category on Aliexpress, you can use their filters to show the best-selling and best-rated products first.

Chinese websites such as 1688 or Taobao will have pages for new hot products if you feel more adventurous. While the cultural difference could result in showing you some products that would have a more challenging time selling in the West, a lot of them might be brand new opportunities that have yet to be explored. The language barrier isn’t so great anymore, considering you can use Google’s translation tool. If you’re concerned about not knowing how to purchase a product you like there, just reach out to one of our Myyshop Supply agents and we’ll take care of the rest 😉

Another way is to use third-party plugins and websites specializing in “spying” on popular marketplace results. For example, will tell you about the most-watched products on eBay marketplaces from all over the world. Others will modify your user experience on Amazon by displaying information that isn’t there by default or have entire backends dedicated to Amazon-related analytics. SellerApp, Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout, AmazeOwl… There’s no lack of offers in the market.

Now, it’s important to mention that using big marketplaces as a reference should be done carefully. When a product gains massive acceptance, it means that the general audience better knows its pricing. Players that sell those products might have already invested massively in them, so much so that they can sell them very cheap. Using this technique requires digging into a specific segment of Dropshipping that dropships from famous local retailers such as Walmart. Be especially careful with the pricing you can offer and the potential market saturation before moving on with the Amazon product everybody is already buying.

4. Social Media (TikTok, Amazonfinds, AliExpress finds)

There are two big methods to use social media to find winning products. One from the perspective of the user and one from the perspective of the professional. At this point, we’re looking into the first approach: The perspective of the user. This approach has the advantage of showing you products at an earlier stage, not necessarily based on their advertisement results, but from their pure entertainment value. It can be following an influencer on Instagram that likes products that match your niche. This would show you the product and benefit from the marketing impact that influencer had on it. It can be to check the videos of product groups on Tik Tok such as Amazonfinds or Aliexpress finds. By doing so, you get to see viewers interact with the product. You can already see that the product has already promotional material good enough to catch the viewer’s attention. If you’re into cultural or lifestyle-related niches, Facebook pages and groups dedicated to the topic might include good product ideas daily and put you closer to the trends of the community.

While this method might be a bit more time-consuming, it is still worth adding to your research diet.

5. Ad-Spy

Third-party startups are revolutionizing our approach to the web. There’s now a plugin or a platform to solve every problem in ways that sometimes feel almost magical.

As you know, social media advertising is an essential part of the Dropshipping business. The thing is, just by hanging out on Facebook, you won’t get to see the millions of ads that circulate the web on any given day. Which is a shame because social media advertisement not only displays the product and its strategy, but it also shows the comments and reactions of its viewers. A product that generates good CTR, likes and comments is showing signs of being a winner. Thanks to the talent and creativity of engineers and tech-entrepreneurs, many services will provide you with the tools to do just that. Dropispy,, BigSpy, Commerce Inspector… There’s a lot to choose from! All those platforms will give you the necessary filters to search for the dropshipping ads trending on social media. To refine your search, you can decide on the time, target audience, language, and many more criteria. Once this is done, it is time for you to browse all those winning products and ask yourself: Is there anything I could sell better? It can be the landing page design being inferior to yours. You could have a better copywriting or marketing angle for that product. Your suppliers might have this product at a price that would allow you to sell it cheaper. (If it’s MyyShop, it certainly will). While this method is probably the safest way to find winning products, it is important to understand that simply copying something popular won’t cut it. Once you bet on that item, you’ll enter the advertisement battle with your competitors, some of them already having success. To have a chance to successfully selling a trending product on social media, don’t copy… Improve!

6. Check the Trending Product Section of Myyshop

Here at MyyShop, our supplier managers like to have their breakfast with a healthy dose of daily winning products. To understand our clients and give them relevant feedback, we will follow those principles and proactively look for winning products. Not only from our own sales database, but also by following the signs of the market closely. On the Myyshop Dashboard page, you will find a category called “Trending Products.” Those items are carefully selected every week based on the winning products of the week before. Our approach follows the same tactics as professional Dropshippers. Whatever you find there, is a guaranteed winner. Not enough? If you somehow feel like you’re missing out on some category of products, ask one of our professionals for advice on any given niche or category and they’ll gladly help you out.

Final Words

In conclusion, finding winning products is not done by following a single method. It is the combination of several tools that allows you to evaluate a product from different angles until you can decide on its winning potential. Knowing how to complement those tools efficiently is the secret to efficient product mining. You can be a big conventional retailer or doing Shopify Dropshipping, and this mindset applies to everyone. MyyShop assists thousands of Dropshipers in this research every day by providing advice and finding those winning products at the best price with the best conditions. Make your product hunting less lonely, create an account today and add one of our supply managers to your dropshipping life!

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