How Product Reviews Improve Your Dropshipping Store’s Sales

Sales are a crucial part of every business, especially for dropshipping businesses. If you want to improve your sales, then building customer trust is the key.

When first coming across your dropshipping store, buyers immediately judge the trustworthiness of your website and brand. That helps them to decide whether they feel comfortable buying from you. 

The best method to gain customer confidence is by adding product product reviews from your customers who previously purchased products to your store.

This kind of feedback creates social proof and gives shoppers a direct connection with your customer’s experiences. That is why everyone who runs an online store wants to see those color-filed five stars.

Just how powerful are customer reviews for improving your sales?

Customer reviews play a big role in how today’s consumers judge businesses. According to a recent study, one product review can result in a 10% increase in product sales, and 200 reviews can result in as much as a 44% increase in sales.

Today, we will discuss the 

  1. Right approach to dropshipping in 202
  2. How product reviews improve your sales, and
  3. How you can get more customer reviews on your dropshipping websites. 

Read on!

The Right Approach to Dropshipping in 2021

If you approach dropshipping the right way and use great marketing strategies, it can still help you create a successful online business. It may take time to make a viable profit, but the result can be quite outstanding.

Find a niche

Be sure that you pick a niche that is in demand, and a lot of customers are looking for it. The niche you select also needs to be laser-focused and something you are genuinely interested in. Because If you aren’t passionate about the niche you choose, you will be more likely to become discouraged because it takes a lot of work to scale a dropshipping business successfully.

Consider the quality

Finding quality suppliers is important to your success. 

They are the ones who will be fulfilling orders on your behalf, and the image and reputation of your brand completely rely on them delivering high-quality and well-packaged products on time.

Remember that it is you and not your suppliers who are responsible and liable to your customers. So, in the end, the supplier doesn’t lose anything. It will be your brand value that will be negatively affected. 

Your suppliers are your key business partners, and you must take a lot of time to research and find the best suppliers for your business.

Look at trends

Products that are currently trending are an excellent option for your dropshipping business. 

When you can’t decide what the best selling products are, just try to look into which products are on the trending list. 

Suppose you manage to find trending dropshipping products for your e-eCommerce store before other entrepreneurs discover them. In that case, you’ll take advantage of low marketing expenses and establish your brand as a leader in that niche.

You should be doing your research to find winning products, or products that are likely to be popular in the future.

Solve a problem

Be sure to always try and solve the problems that you might have with your customers. Even the biggest suppliers make mistakes fulfilling the customer’s order. Instead of arguing and putting the blame on them, try to be as friendly and polite as possible.


Also, respond to customer complaints as fast as possible; this will make them feel that you truly care. Remember, customers are always the number one priority. After all, they are the ones that buy your products.

Why All Dropshipping Stores Need Product Reviews

We already know that adding product reviews can have a great impact on your sales. Let’s go a little bit deeper on that topic by highlighting the importance of getting customer reviews for your business.

Reviews Help Increase Conversion Rates

If you are meeting your customer’s expectations, product reviews will play a huge role in your conversion rates. People are willing to do the marketing for you by providing positive reviews. And even one positive review can lead to an increase in your conversion rate.

Yes, you will get a couple of negative reviews as well, but if there are just a few till you do not need to worry much. Each customer has a different mindset, and some of them just cannot be satisfied no matter what. If the product has the quality and people have given positive feedback about it, more and more people will be encouraged to buy that product, and the conversion rates will blow through the roof.

Just remember to respond to all your reviews, both positive and negative! Here’s a guide on responding to both positive and negative reviews if you need some help.

User-Generated Content Builds Trust

When a buyer lands on your dropshipping website with the intention of making a purchase, the first thing that they look for is reviews. 

A product having excellent reviews will help your buyer in their decision. If customers see that other buyers are saying good things about your product, they’re more likely to purchase from your dropshipping store as well. They would likely believe in your products as well as your brand.

How to Get More Shopify Product Reviews For Your Online Store

Get customers to write reviews through post-purchase emails

The first and probably most simple way to get more reviews for your dropshipping products is by asking your customers to submit them. 

Post-purchase email requests for reviews have about a 8% response rate, which makes them the best method to get reviews.

You should learn how to create email campaigns that you can send out to your customers who’ve bought the product and have it in their hands. To get the best response possible, be sure to send the review request email within the first week or two of product delivery – this will give them enough time to review the product and experience it enough to write a review about it. Be polite, kind, and ask what else you can do to help.

Make your review forms mobile-friendly

One of the biggest obstacles to collecting customer reviews is making the process too difficult. Rather than making your customers go through multiple steps, try and make it a simple one-click process. You shouldn’t even require them to log in or make an account.

Also, make sure your customers can leave reviews on their phones because most of the people who are buying online are doing that through their phones or tablets. 

If they’re having difficulties leaving a review through their phone, they probably won’t bother turning on their laptop just so they can write a review.

Reward customers who write product reviews

If asking your customers for reviews isn’t getting you the conversion rates you want, then try rewarding them. Motivate your customers to write reviews for your products by granting them rewards. Discounts, Coupons, Referrals, and other rewards are great ways to inspire your customers to leave reviews. And, by rewarding them, there is a lot bigger chance of getting repeat sales.

Reward Customers


Hopefully, this blog post helped you get some ideas about how you can start putting product reviews to work in your dropshipping business. 

Customer reviews are powerful, and when used effectively, they can help you boost sales.

Are you currently using customer reviews on your dropshipping website? How has it worked for you so far? 

Tell us more in the comments.

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