The 10 Most Important Skills To Reach Marketing Success

Dropshipping facilitates many aspects of e-commerce. We’re firm believers that this approach is the easiest way for newcomers to experience the benefits of online retail. However, there’s no fast track to success and anything worth doing always implies some form of learning and mastery. In the case of dropshipping, this is especially true for marketing.

Marketing will dictate the success or failure of your online business. Doing ‘okay’ simply won’t cut it. If you think you have to drop everything and dedicate the next half-decade to studying for a marketing degree, rest assured that most successful dropshippers never got a degree or any kind of formal training. In many ways being a dropshipper implies resourcefulness and entrepreneurship just in the title alone.

The Internet is often criticized for many aspects of our modern grievances, but the fact is that it provides mostly free access to pretty much every form of human knowledge. From how to boil an egg to how to learn to code, pretty much anything you can think of has received the tutorial treatment in some way, shape or form. There’s no safe way to succeed, just like how no university degree will guarantee you a job. Ultimately, skills and know-how are the tools of your career. How you use them is up to you.

Any learning implies some form of program. That’s usually how paid learning and free learning distinguish themselves. Most subjects have some form of video tutorials online but lack a proper structure. Paid marketing training usually includes a complete step-by-step learning program which is something that can’t be overlooked.

If you have the financial availability to go through a paid course, we definitely won’t advise against it (Just stay away from those training courses that promise millions and eternal happiness with zero effort). If a training course is honest enough to give you a realistic vision of what to achieve and avoid cashing on your gullibility by selling itself like a pyramid scheme, that’s usually a good sign of professionalism and quality.

Otherwise, if you prefer to go your own route, we’ve chosen the 10 most important skills to reach marketing success.

Social media

Selling online means advertising online. Social media is on our computers, our tablets, our phones and virtually everywhere on the internet. If we add to the mix platforms at the peripheral of the social media culture such as video content and the entire Google ecosystem, we could almost cover the integrality of our online time spent consuming these digital distractions.

Relatability is an important weapon for any social media savvy dropshipper. Promoting content ranging from your best friend’s wedding photos to your mom’s political angry rant creates a powerful association of familiarity.

The models of advertisement allow for strong optimization to your target audience. One day you could be complaining about your thinning hair loss and the next day the entire internet world will convince you to travel abroad for half-price hair transplants in Turkey. While social media advertisements have been made approachable and accessible, understanding the rules and how to properly execute your campaign is the difference between generating a profit or tossing money into a digital void.

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Data analysis

Success is made of learning from both success and failures. Dropshipping involves many numbers and successfully sorting them out is the best way to make them digestible enough for you to realize what’s going right and what’s going wrong with your business from your website traffic to your product page, ad campaigns and customer behaviour.

There’s a service for every aspect of the e-commerce business enough to make your store look like a social experiment. Be aware of the tools you need, how to use them and how to interpret them. If it feels too boring maybe add some statement making colours. Don’t worry, once the profit comes in those charts will look a lot more interesting.


Studies show that search engines represent roughly 50% of organic traffic of any given store. If you’re not familiar with the term, we’re not talking about healthy veggies but the capacity of your store to reach customers without active advertisement. Is there anything better than having your customer come to you without spending money? SEO means search engine optimization and it’s the art of shaping your content for it to gain the maximum relevant traffic possible from Google searches. Understanding the rules of SEO and how the search engines operate to match a search to a website is essential. Only by understanding the concept will you be able to shape your online store and your content suitably and effectively.


Throwing money at a problem is good as long as you have the resources to do so. Unless you are a billionaire doing dropshipping for the thrill of it, you surely need to turn a profit and make the most out of your budget. One good example is your ROI (Return on investment). Whatever actions you take for your store, you need to evaluate the amount to invest and what you expect to gain from it.

Don’t be overwhelmed by revenue prospects if spending a lot means getting lots of orders and losing money while doing it. Costs and revenue are more than the differential between your supply price and your selling price. Very few things in life are for free. Be aware of all the costs and learn how to make proper financial decisions.

Trend awareness

We’re firm believers that one of the best advantages of any e-commerce made from a consumer rooted background is to be in touch with “the now”. Unlike big corporations that manage things from a distance, your experience allows you to experience first-hand the changes while avoiding the time-consuming scepticism of big corporations. Be aware of what’s trending no matter if it’s at the product level, communication or web design.

Dropshipping is about taking a product and maximizing its potential. To choose the right products and give them a new and more adequate meaning requires you to understand the expectations of the day. Social media accelerates the change and what’s trendy yesterday might be obsolete today. An important component of this mindset takes us to our next point.

Open mind

“Look at them kids with their TikTok’s and NFTs!” As you get older the generational divide becomes more and more obvious. Reach a certain point and your ignorance and preconceptions might even be a source of pride. In business, however, there’s no space to become the preacher of the experiences of your generation and how much better they are. There’s no customer too young nor too old.

Welcome the change and try to effectively understand it. For every new trending platform that gets public criticism, there’s a new opportunity to harvest a fresh new field of the internet landscape. Don’t hold back by being close-minded and try to gain a competitive edge by being a pioneer of the next big thing.

Content creation, design, and copywriting sensitivity

Writing takes time and skill. Humans are good at liking something but not always knowing why and how to reproduce it. It takes a lot of analytical effort to question things and understand the mechanics of what separates a good photo from a bad one. Web design is a good example. So many dropshippers approach their store by doing the bare minimum adaptation of a pre-purchased template. Just like the dish from the cookbook, you think you’ve done everything right and yet it looks nothing like the photo.

A big company would distribute those challenges by hiring specialists in each field. It’s important to distinguish what is something you should learn and what are the things you should pay someone to do for you. In our opinion, using a well-known saying, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Fish is a daily necessity, but the fishing rod is a one-time purchase. Learn how to fish but don’t lose your time learning how to make a fishing rod, leave that to a professional. Marketing is a daily necessity. Feeling comfortable writing and knowing how to choose the right visuals is a daily need. Learn those skills!

Don’t do everything alone

Once you start dropshipping and reach your objectives it’s easy to become paranoid. Many experienced dropshippers have stories on how they got their store copied or have had their key ideas plagiarized.

Doing everything yourself will at some point in time limit the potential of your business. Finding skilled freelancers has never been easier with platforms such as Fiverr. You might want to hire a skilled designer or maybe delegate some of the customer support burdens to someone else. There’s plenty of good reasons to delegate to maximize your potential.

Also, you don’t have to wait to become big to consider finding people to help in your project. Finding people to talk to and learn from will help you in making key decisions. Not every piece of advice has a price. Many active members will give away good tips out of kindness.


Similar to your approach to data, organising is as fun as cleaning the dishes but it’s essential. Knowing how to schedule your time and your campaigns is one of the many examples we could give on what it takes to have a properly organized project.

Without organization, objectively analyzing your store becomes extremely difficult. It can also reduce your efficiency and increases your risk of issues. Having the routines of your business properly structured is a time saver and it will ultimately reflect in your revenues. Therefore, do not hesitate to find the tools that will help you organize work. Customer relationship management or any kind of organization tool shouldn’t be looked at as an optional expense.

Looking at the most successful dropshippers you can see that they have their business down to a science. Whatever tools that will help them reach that goal is money well spent. Learn how to improve your organizational skills and clean your virtual desk.


Dropshipping has an influencer problem. You’ve seen it everywhere. The 19-year-old entrepreneur sitting on top of a luxury sports car surrounded by palm trees, promising you a guaranteed way to make millions if you purchase his training course is a sight you will often come across online. The goal of those people is not to make money from dropshipping but make money out of you. This means that they’ll say whatever they need to say to catch the maximum amount of people. The promises of wealth in exchange for no efforts bring a lot of people that are very poorly prepared to face the challenges ahead.

At the minimum obstacle, those people will give up and end up losing the money they invested trying. Dropshipping takes time, it won’t happen from a day to the next. You need to work hard and learn from your successes and failure. This capacity to persevere requires mental strength and realism. To help you in this battle you can always count on a platform invested in helping you succeed.

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