Myyshop Hosts Rejuvenating Sound Healing Retreat

MyyShop recently orchestrated a transformative Sound Healing Workshop retreat in collaboration with Five Sense Collection at the idyllic Malibu Healing Haven. This extraordinary event catered to 20 of our cherished influencers, including renowned creators like Dayna Marie and the Reed twins, each handpicked for their exceptional creativity and influence.

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In a digital detox, these influencers left their phones behind to embark on a unique journey of self-discovery and creativity. They joined fellow creators in a tranquil environment where the gong bath meditation provided them with newfound clarity and ignited fresh creative sparks for their personal brands.

The retreat unfolded with a mesmerizing crystal bowl chanting ceremony, a soul-soothing ritual that cleansed worries and beckoned waves of inspiration. Influencers delved deep into Tibetan singing bowl and gong workshops, tapping into untapped reserves of creative energy. 

Beyond the soulful sound healing activities, influencers bonded over nourishing meals crafted from the center’s organic garden. They embarked on exhilarating hikes along scenic mountain trails and indulged in sunrise yoga sessions, rekindling their connection with the natural world.

“The retreat bestowed upon me a profound sense of calm that I haven’t felt in ages,” described Sheela. “I’m returning to the realm of social media with a refreshed spirit and laser-sharp focus, all thanks to this incredible journey.”

At MyyShop, we hold our influencers in the highest regard, recognizing their pivotal role in our thriving community. Hosting this nurturing retreat in partnership with Five Sense Collection at the Malibu Healing Haven was a testament to our commitment to their well-being and creative growth.

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